Odyssey of the Mind

North Penn Odyssey of the Mind

What is Odyssey of the Mind? Odyssey of the Mind is a district-sponsored activity!

Odyssey of the Mind (OotM) is a "creative-problem solving competition". Students who participate in OotM write skits, sew costumes, create props and, depending on the problem choice, they make vehicles, create technical elements or build structures using balsa wood. Teams of seven students, led by parent coaches, use their unique talents and abilities to create a problem solution which they present at the regional competition in March. Last year, twenty-seven teams from North Penn participated in this competition; six teams advanced to the state competition and one team, from NPHS, competed and placed second in the World Finals.

What types of students do OotM? Those who enjoy acting, making scenery/props, building, writing ...

The OotM program at North Penn is for students of all ages and abilities. Teams form by grade levels. A good team will have a diverse mixture of talented students, ie: artists, writers, builders, inventors, actors, musicians.

How do students benefit from participation? For students, OotM is FUN! But there are other benefits:


  • In OotM students bring their own ideas to life. Adults are not allowed to help. This builds confidence.

Divergent Thinking

  • Divergent thinking is a thought process used to generate creative ideas by exploring many possible solutions. In OotM students learn that there are many different ways to approach and solve a problem.

Team Work

  • In OotM team members learn how to work with other students who have different abilities and points of view.

Real-world Learning

  • OotM provides real-world applications for skills learned in school. To create their problem solution, students on OotM teams either apply what they've learned in school or they research to discover new information. Either way, the process resembles what they might encounter in real-world situations at school and - someday - at work!

Who coaches the North Penn Odyssey of the Mind teams? Calling all parents!

The coaches in the OotM program at North Penn are parent volunteers. When students get together to form a team, one or two of their parents must step forward to coach. Other team parents must be willing to support the coaches and the team in other ways. They might, for example, assist at team meetings or provide snacks.

How can I learn more about Odyssey of the Mind? www.npenn.org >For Families >Odyssey of the Mind

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For more information about NPSD OotM, please visit the website: www.npenn.org

For Families Odyssey of the Mind or email NPSD OotM Coordinator Joanne Wiernusz