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Welcome to the North Penn
Association for Gifted Education

Membership Information

NPAGE, Inc. is a non-profit, incorporated educational organization which works on behalf of gifted students, their families, their teachers, their educational administrators and friends of gifted education in the North Penn community.

NPAGE, Inc., is an affiliated chapter of PAGE, Inc. the Pennsylvania Association for Gifted Education, Inc., which shares information statewide on developments in gifted education. On our web pages you will find our newsletter, a copy of our calendar of events and activities, information about gifted education, helpful links, and much much more!


Much appreciation, and thanks to all of our members. There are currently over 700 students from K-12 identified as gifted in North Penn. Our goal is to have each and every student's family a member of NPAGE. With your support we can continue funding our programs and classroom support for teachers and students, and increase knowledge and awareness with speakers and conferences. Help spread the word and increase our membership. Please follow the Membership link for more information.

Please take some time to look around our website. If you have further questions, please send an email to: [email protected]

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