Superintendent Dr. Bauer's Goals

Superintendent Dr. Bauer's 2023-2024 Goals


Goal and Steps

 District Comprehensive Goal

 Goal 1: Increase student achievement and provide excellent programming for students by:

  • Increasing student academic achievement; 2.5% increase in proficiency on PSSA and Keystone results
  • Increasing enrollment in dual enrollment courses by 5%
  • Implementing new ELA curriculum at the elementary level, Wit and Wisdom
  • MTSS in elementary school, CST in secondary
  • Implementing new Algebra I and Geometry resource
  • Continue to expand Universal Design for Learning across Montgomery, Hatfield, Pennfield, Gwynedd Square, York Ave, and Inglewood

Academic Excellence 

 Goal 2: Continue to develop a community that values a sense of belonging and promotes equity for all students by: 

  • Furthering NPSD's efforts in ensuring an equitable learning experience where all students belong
  • Working with the NPSD Educational Foundation on establishing equity grants in all 18 schools
  • Re-establishing NPSD's commitment to inclusive practices through monthly PD opportunities
  • Continuing to enhance recruitment, hiring, and retention strategies to employ a diverse staff in all aspects of the district
  • Expanding network of community resources for students and staff through community conversations and engagement
  • Conducting a playground analysis at the elementary level followed by an action plan on how to make our playgrounds more accessible to students with disabilities
  • Support learner variability and belonging as we pilot the Disability Inclusive Curriculum

 Equity, Access, and Cultural Responsiveness

 Goal 3: Create innovative environments that are safe and welcoming by:

  • Implementing ALICE training and safety protocols across the organization
  • Continuing to develop the BTA program rooted in research and best practices
  • Implementing PBIS at the middle school level
  • Continuing the process of door hardware replacement across the district
  • Continuing to advocate at the local and state level regarding funding to support infrastructure and facility upgrades
  •  Devising and implementing an action plan to increase paraprofessional vacancy fill rates

 Safe, Efficient, and Modern Schools

 Goal 4: Promote organizational effectiveness resulting in improved services for students and the community by:

  • Exploring development of pre-K program for NPSD students and families
  • Initiating support staff salary comparison study
  • Completing policy review process and embarking upon an administrative review process
  • Conducting a comprehensive review of middle school schedules after two years of implementation
  • Increasing engagement with the North Penn community via radio, podcasts, and additional community engagement opportunities
  • Supporting the work of a comprehensive communications audit across all aspects of the organization

 Operational Excellence

 Goal 5: Enhance mental health supports for students and staff by: 

  • Continuing to expand and implement responsive classroom
  • Providing professional development opportunities to enhance capacity for supporting social and emotional well being of students and staff
  • Continuing to support, promote, and utilize the North Penn Healthcare Center; expanding services provided to include mental health supports
  • Implementing a mechanism for regular staff appreciation and recognition
  • Analyze the effectiveness of Psychological supports at the Secondary level to discuss expansion of mental health resources for students

Social and Emotional Wellness

 Goal 6: Ensure students are equipped for college or careers upon graduation by:

  • Engaging administration, staff, and community regarding the needs of North Penn High School; preparing for special election referendum in January 2024
  • Continuing to grow the Community Hosted Internship Program and dual enrollment opportunities
  • Enhancing partnerships with community leaders in an effort to expand opportunities for students and families
  • Pursuing real estate services RFP to secure a new location for the transportation depot

 Future Ready