Here Comes the Bus App

Here Comes the Bus Notification App

North Penn School District utilizes the Here Comes the Bus app for all families.  Here Comes the Bus is a school bus tracking app to allow parents to track in real-time the location of their students’ buses.

Tracking features include:

• Parents who download the app will receive a push notification and email when their students’ bus is within a one-mile radius of its bus • stop in the morning and in the afternoon.
• App shows the real-time location of your child’s bus on a map.
• App provides the schedule and actual arrival times at home and at school for bus routes.
• App can indicate when students scan on and off of the bus with their student IDs.

In order for the app to track when the student gets on and off of the bus it is important that students carry their NPSD student IDs with them and that the IDs are easily accessible so it can be scanned into the Here Comes the Bus software. Please understand that not all students will scan every day due to possible technological issues, access to their ID or other situations. In these cases, however, the app will still track the students’ buses and push notifications when the bus is within a one-mile radius of the bus stop because the app is tracking the bus, not the student.

The Safe Arrival system will continue to be used for attendance management purposes.

How to Register for Here Comes the Bus

1.  Watch Here Comes the Bus Parent Tutorial
2.  You will need a smartphone or tablet to set this up. Download Here Comes the Bus app in the Apple or Google Play store.
3.  Click the “Sign Up” button
4.  Select “I have the code”
5.  Enter school code 29986 (Public) or 29992 (Special Education) along with First and Last name, & email address.
Contact your school if you have any questions regarding which code to choose.
6.  Complete the “User Profile” box
7.  Under “My Students,” click “Add.” Enter your child’s last name and student ID number
8.  Once you confirm your information, you’re ready to begin

Please note that Some families may need two logins if you have a student who is on a Regular Ed bus and one that is on a Special Ed bus. You cannot be logged into both accounts at the same time on the app. Any problems finding your school/bus/child should be addressed to the school.

Need help? Check out these FAQ’s, Contact Here Comes The Bus App Support or [email protected] or call Here Comes the Bus at (844) 854-9316