Website: 1.

Description: If you're a 9th grade student, but not sure of what your future holds, you are not alone. This site doesn't have all the answers, but it can help with lots of great information on financial aid, scholarships, and careers, getting great jobs and managing money.

Website: 2.

Description: Contains a career search, which includes a career questionnaire. Your answers will be used to find careers that match your interests and abilities.


Website: 1.

Description: Pennbrook's primary site for career information.

Username is "pennbrook" and the password is "careers".

Website: 2.

Description: Topics include:

  • Career Search-search for careers that match your interests and ambitions and discover what's right for your future.

  • Career advice and information

  • Inside scoop on careers-explains each career cluster, specific careers-contains interviews with professionals from a variety of different careers.

  • Direct Link to Career Details-check out detailed information on a particular career-occupational outlooks required education, related careers, etc.



Website: 1.

Description: This site provides a guided tour for parents and students. For parents topics include: how to help your child prepare for college, prepare financially, and how to gather information about potential colleges. For student's topics include: career possibilities, occupations, preparation for college, and admission requirements to colleges.

Website: 2.


Website: 1.

Description: The Homework Helpers-divides into K-6: 7-8: 9:12 categories. This site gives pages according to subject areas and then gives pages to review. An additional 137 sites are listed as tools for research in many subject areas. One of the best homework helpers reviews we have seen.

Website: 2.

Description: ChatterBees Homework Help- This site aids students in searching according to categories. Provides help for elementary and secondary students.

Website: 3. (ultimate Fact Finder)

Description: Information Please - browse frequently assigned topics to find homework facts and also search tips, according to subject area. Researches through almanacs, encyclopedias, and dictionaries according to topics that student enter. Seems a good tool.


Website 1.

Website 2.

Website: 3. Grief Recovery Institute

Website: 4. Barr Harris Children's Grief Center

Website: 5. Grief Net


The above Internet sites are for educational purposes only. Internet sites are often deleted or modified, and unscrupulous individuals or organizations may at times create addresses similar in name but unsuitable in content. Pennbrook Middle School does not endorse any objectionable material, which might be linked to these websites.