Pennbrook Administration

PB Building

1201 North Wales Road

North Wales, PA 19454


Fax 215-699-0151

Mr. Nick Taylor, [email protected]

Phone Number: 215-853-1600

Secretary, Mrs. McConaghy, [email protected]

Phone Number: 215-853-1600

Mr. Dan Grunmeier, Assistant Principal, [email protected]

Phone Number 215-853-1603

Assistant Principal's Secretary (Discipline and Sports), Mrs. Pugliese, [email protected]

Phone Number 215-853-1603


Ms. Meg Pierre, [email protected], Pennbrook Climate Coordinator,

Receptionist/Attendance Secretary, Mrs. Amy Loux, [email protected]

Phone Number: 215-853-1600

7th Grade Guidance Counselor, Mrs. Colleen Fattori,  [email protected]
8th Grade Guidance Counselor, Mr. Jesse Clancy, 
[email protected] 
9th Grade Guidance Counselor, 
Mrs. Tara Kadyszewski, [email protected] 


Guidance Secretary, Mrs. Lancia, [email protected]

Phone Number: 215-853-1610

Mrs. Christine Mueller, Supervisor of Special Education, [email protected]

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