Digital Citizenship

Business and Information Technology Department   2018-2019

The Digital World

Schools are faced with new challenges in the digital world in which we live. Social media, cyberbullying, online privacy and safety are just a few of the challenges facing schools today. Pennbrook is taking steps to build a positive school culture that promotes the safe and appropriate use of technology.

What is Digital Citizenship?

Digital citizenship can be defined as the norms of appropriate, responsible behavior with regard to technology use. According to the Digital Citizenship Institute, there are 9 elements to Digital Citizenship.

Elements of Digital Citizenship

The Digital Citizenship Institute categorizes the 9 elements into three themes or REPs: Respect, Educate and Protect. Each REP contains three elements as illustrated in the table below:


The Business Department has added a Digital Citizenship Component to the 7th Grade Technology and 8th and 9th Grade Computer Applications curriculum. Cyberbullying, Media Use and Digital Footprints are just a few of the issues addressed in interactive lessons. Plans are underway to weave additional lessons into the curriculum over the coming months.


Common Sense Media, a nonprofit, online organization dedicated to helping kids survive in a world of media and technology, is a comprehensive resource used by the Business Department. In addition to providing lesson plan resources, interactive games, and professional development, they also offer family education resources. A link is provided below:

Respect, Educate and Protect (REPs)

Respect Your Self / Respect Others

Educate Your Self / Connect with Others

Protect Your Self / Protect Others

- Etiquette

- Access

- Law

- Communication

- Literacy

- Commerce

-Rights & Responsibility

- Safety (Security)

- Health and Welfare