Student Assistance Program

The Student Assistance Program (SAP) was created in Pennsylvania by the Departments of Education, and Health and Public Welfare to identify students who are experiencing behavior and/or academic difficulties that pose a barrier to their learning. A school's core SAP team is a team of professionals who have received training from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania's approved SAP training providers. This team meets weekly to discuss student concerns. Referrals can come from parents, teachers, or even peers. Types of referrals include social/emotional problems, drug and alcohol use, eating disorders, and/or depressed or suicidal feelings. Once a student is referred, the team gathers information about the student and then determines the most appropriate course of action.

Merakey provides two FREE services to all North Penn students; SAP assessments, and in-school SAP counseling. SAP screenings are risk screenings that address the specific areas of depression, suicidal ideation, anger, and substance use. After completing the screening, the assessor reviews the results with the family and makes recommendations. To request an appointment for a screening please contact Ms. Charlene Artillio, Merakey SAP Program Director, at 215-716-9010. In school SAP counseling is provided by master level counselors who offer psycho-educational support, through individual and group formats. Pennbrook's SAP counselor is Mrs. Paulette Bailey. Her e-mail address

After the SAP team recommends in-school SAP counseling, Mrs. Bailey initiates an introductory meeting with a student to explain the services and provide the student with a permission form. Since SAP is a voluntary program and the services are provided by an outside agency, a written parental permission is required to participate.

Below is a list of Pennbrook's 2018-19 SAP team. Please contact your child's grade level counselor with any further questions about the program.

Mr. Jesse Clancy - 9th grade counselor

Mrs. Lauri Schofield - 8th grade counselor

Mrs. Tara Kadyszewski/Mrs. Karen Cantor - 7th grade counselor

Mrs. Paulette Bailey - SAP counselor