Pennbrook Administration

PB Building

1201 North Wales Road

North Wales, PA 19454


Fax 215-699-0151

Mr. Nick Taylor, [email protected]

Phone Number: 215-853-1600

Secretary, Mrs. McConaghy, [email protected]

Phone Number: 215-853-1600

Mr. Dan Grunmeier, Assistant Principal, [email protected]

Phone Number 215-853-1603

Assistant Principal's Secretary (Discipline and Sports), Mrs. Pugliese, [email protected]

Phone Number 215-853-1603


Ms. Meg Pierre, [email protected], Pennbrook Climate Coordinator,

Receptionist/Attendance Secretary, Mrs. Amy Loux, [email protected]

Phone Number: 215-853-1600

7th Grade Guidance Counselor, Mrs. Colleen Fattori
8th Grade Guidance Counselor, Mr. Jesse Clancy

9th Grade Guidance Counselor, 
Mrs. Tara Kadyszewski 


Guidance Secretary, Mrs. Lancia

Mrs. Christine Mueller, Supervisor of Special Education, [email protected]

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