Home and School Email Form

Pennbrook's Staff and Home & School use email as a main form of communication to our families. H&S uses the email system to keep families updated on our events. Over the years, this system has become a primary tool of communication to our families. We encourage everyone to sign up for it.

To sign up for these email updates, please fill out the simple form on-line by following the link below. You will need to enter each email you would like added to the Distribution List. Please note that you can also reach this link on the Pennbrook H&S Web Site.



If you have any trouble, please email [email protected]. Your email address will not be shared or distributed to any other organization or business.

NOTE: We do not carry our email list over from last year. You must sign up for email even if you were on our list last year. If you change your email address during the year please notify us.