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Sports Physicals:

Sports physicals are different than what the school nurse requires. Per state regulations, a student who wants to play a sport must have a PIAA Sports Physical signed and dated by either their personal doctor or a health care provider or at one of the walk-in clinics (Walgreens, CVS, Patient First, etc.). Your student can not tryout/play a sport until both the online registration is completed and their sports physical has also been submitted on FormReleaf.com when you register your student athlete. Please click on our Sports Team Registration page for instructions to register your student for a sport.

The sports physical is needed for each school year and must be dated after May 1st. For example, if your student played a sport in 7th grade and now wants to play a sport in 8th grade, a new sports physical must be on file with the office. The PIAA Sports Physical form can be found under Sports Teams Registration so that you can take it to the doctor with your student. They are also available in the Main Office if you student wants to stop by between classes.

The sports physical is good for the whole school year! There's no need to get a new one for each sport season. The only exception to this would be if your student happens to get hurt during the season (broken bone, concussion, etc.). In that case, your doctor will need to fill out a Recertification form to let the coaches, trainers, school nurse and the office know that your student is healthy and can play once again. Recertification forms can be found in the office.

Sports Physical Forms: PIAA Sports Physical Section 5 & 6

9th Grade Student Athletes & Sports Shuttle:

9th grade students are able to tryout/play sports at the high school. For those students who make the team (Congratulations!), there is a daily Sports Shuttle that take them to the high school at the end of the school day for practices and late games. Depending on their sport schedule, sometimes they will be picked up early from Pennbrook (normally at 1:10). Students are welcome to check with the Main Office if they have any questions about pickup times.

*Please note that the Sports Shuttle to the high school does NOT run on early dismissal days. It is up to your athlete to make arrangements to get to the high school for practices or games.* 

Late Bus:

North Penn offers a Late Bus for students to take home on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 5:00 from the Bus Lobby. Students just give the driver their address and are then taken home.
*Please note, this is only open to those students who are regular bus riders. If you student is a walker, they will still need to walk home. 

Buses to away games:

If your student has an away game or match, the bus takes the team from Pennbrook to the school hosting the game. Buses generally return to Pennbrook around 5:00. If you plan on picking up your student directly from the away game location, please email the coach to make arrangements. Coach email addresses are listed under the Fall/Winter/Spring Sports pages.