Pennbrook Spring Sports

Spring Sports and Coach Information


7th and 8th Grade Baseball
Head Coach: Mike Spahits  [email protected]
Assistant Coach: Chris Lucas  [email protected]

9th Grade Baseball 
Team is combined with Penndale and practices & games are held at Penndale


7th and 8th Grade Softball
Head Coach: Colleen Aiken  [email protected]
Assistant Coach: Christine Colosi  [email protected]


7th and 8th Grade Girls Track
Head Coach: Matt Olinik  [email protected]
Assistant Coach: Erica Wittig  [email protected]

7th and 8th Grade Boys Track
Head Coach: Jim Williams  [email protected]
Assistant Coach: Jesse Clancy [email protected]


7th and 8th Grade Girls Lacrosse
Head Coach: Amy Cardamone  [email protected]
Assistant Coach: Denise Helsel  [email protected]

9th Grade Girls Lacrosse
Combined with high school team.