Yearbook Club

Advisor: Dr. Ward

Advisor: Mrs. Tolar

Joining Yearbook Club:
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If you are interested in joining the yearbook club, please contact either Mrs. Tolar or Dr. Ward. We are looking for individuals who are creative, organized, looking to get involved in the school community, enjoy photography, or have innovative technology ideas.

The yearbook club will be meeting twice a month during November, December, January, February, and March. We would welcome those interested whenever you are available. It is not required to attend every meeting.

Ordering a Yearbook 2020 style:

  1. You must order online. 

  1. Go to

  2. Follow the prompts to make your purchase.

  3. Enter school name  Pennbrook

  4. Click on 2021 Yearbook

  • If your question can not be answered by your Penn Time teacher, please e-mail either one of the Yearbook Advisors listed below.
  • Tolar at
  • Ward at